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Gain increased and balanced muscle strength, while learning techniques to run efficiently through strength, core, speed and endurance gains.  TUFF RUNNA enhances your directional agility and support while making you a stronger RUNNER, MARATHONER, WEEKEND WARRIOR or GYM RAT!

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Coach Randy Brookes

Owner And Certified Sports Performance Coach

With the support of a CERTIFIED Sports Performance Coach and practitioner, a weekly training regime will help you improve your skills no matter what level you are starting from.  Learning to run correctly will help you AVOID INJURIES often found in people having poor running mechanics.  Along with the camaraderie of training with a singularly focused group, you will be PUSHED to the next level maximizing your full potential.

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Tuff Runna Bootcamp

Get active. Keep Fit.

TUFF RUNNA Bootcamp is an interactive training program to help You get active and STAY in shape. This Bootcamp is made for several types of ATHLETES on different levels. There will be LOTS of ELEMENTS to the Bootcamp other than only running. Whether you are a Weekend Warrior, a Marathon Runner, or a Gym Rat TUFF RUNNA will introduce you to ACTION PACKED WORKOUTS that will make you sweat while having FUN!

Tuff Runna Health Benefits

The activities we get you to do, like regular running and other cardiopulmonary exercises offer several health advantages.

Health Advantages:

- It helps build strong bones, as running is a weight bearing exercise

- Our workouts help you strengthen your muscles

- Improves vessel fitness

- Burns ample kilojoules creating weight loss

- Helps you maintain a healthy weight while keeping you happy with your new look
- Running makes you more confident

- Tuff Runna Bootcamp helps you with stress relief and improves your psychological state

"Every CHAMPION was once a contender that refused to GIVE UP"

Rocky Balboa


Tuff Runna Bootcamp

Group Training

Tuff Runna Kids

Fun fitness and healthy eating

Private Training


Covid-19 Update

Based on our local Government and Medical Advisors we have opened up training.  We have established Safe, Covid-19 Protocols for our Athletes.  Please contact us to start your training today!

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